Introduction to Video/Podcast JSWonders

Introduction to Video/Podcast JSWonders

About this Podcast:

I introduce myself, the broad range of content and the basic rules of the podcast and what you might expect.

Episode Transcript:

Hi, everybody. My name is John Sorensen, and this is the inaugural episode of JSWonders, a podcast that I'm launching. What's interesting about it is that I've already done about five or six episodes and didn't really know how to talk about what this podcast is and how it's going to work, because I tend to cook things as I do them.

So I think I've sort of figured it out. I was running into trouble because I'm a mental health therapist who specializes in attachment focused EMDR, and so a lot of the content is quite psychological. Some of it's more just existential human condition. And then at the more ethereal end of things, I get into some spiritual ideas, religious ideas, life, the universe and everything.

So it's all a bit existential, philosophical, intellectual, and it can get right down into the scientific, some quantum physics, whatever there is to think about. And I was going to split it into two different podcasts. One was going to be therapy related and the other was going to be more free thought. But in the end, it's all about the human condition, and I don't see anything wrong with sort of including it all together.

So I just wanted to give you the basic underlying foundation is that this is a podcast for intellectuals, thinkers, philosophers, users, wanderers, wanderers, or anybody who just wants to experience the world of ideas. But here's the key we are going to be considering and talking through ideas with sometimes very serious ideas, sometimes difficult, painful ideas, sometimes very conflict oriented, fraught ideas.

But we're going to do it a bit playfully. And the reason we're doing this is not because ideas don't matter or things that people think don't matter. And sometimes people will think or say things that are inappropriate or dangerous. But the reason we're going to do this is because considering and talking through ideas is not the danger. And we as a society have begun to build this idea that if if something is poor thinking or offensive thinking or difficult thinking or thinking, that just goes down the wrong road, that we should pretend that it doesn't exist and scream at people who think that and not allow them to say what they have to say.

But in fact, this doesn't work, as any therapist can tell you, any impulse that humans have that you attempt to suppress will come out ten times as strong and in more dysfunctional and destructive ways. So this podcast is for thinking and is for ideas, and it's for the free flow of ideas. The only limits will be if something is overtly racist, not interested, because that fundamentally shows a lack of thinking, a lack of consider, a lack of consideration.

The things that are directly offensive or sexualizing children, things like this. I'm a therapist. I'm a mandate, a reporter. We're not going to go there. Other than that. Everything's on the table, right? So again, to summarize, this is a podcast for thinkers. Wonder wanders the play through ideas and to play with ideas in a space that's based on curiosity.

No one's putting forth ideas saying we should act on this, and this is what's true. This is a place where we can play through ideas and to look at what we think, make sense of what we think doesn't make sense. There will sometimes be guests. A lot of times it would just be me talking because I think about a lot of stuff.

And just as an addendum, there will be times where I refer specifically where I notice broad long term patterns in human behavior. And the reason I notice that often has a lot to do with me being a therapist and having spent a decade in the field and having spent a lot of time watching. And I will see patterns in behavior and I'll talk about those patterns.

I am never referring specifically to anyone's specific work, nor am I ever referring specifically to a client, nor would I ever. It's a violation of their confidentiality. When I talk about things and say, Well, I once experienced a situation with a client, I will say, you know, he or she did X, Y, or Z. And I responded in this way, and I'll talk very generally about it in those situations.

I'm actually cobbling together experiences from different clients. So the client is fictional. It's just a sort of a situation that comes up. I want to be clear about that when I talk about specific experiences with clients, I'm never referring actually to a real client. I'm referring to a fictional composite of behaviors and thoughts, patterns and things that I've seen so that I can then comment on it hopefully in a helpful way or in a curious way.

So again, thank you very much for tuning in. This is just the introduction to Jazz Wonders, a podcast for thinkers, philosophers, users, intellectuals, wanderers and wanderers, those who want to explore ideas in a curious space. Thank you and I will see you next time.

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